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Extruded Fluoropolymer insulated Wires and Cables

GEEKORE® is one of very few manufacturers of extruded fluoropolymer wires and cables in India who provides all range of fluoropolymer insulated wire and cables included extruded wires. Major reasons behind introducing extrusion technology are:

  • Longer life; wrapped material is having poor abrasion resistance at wrapping edges. Hence it is less popular in outbox applications than extruded wires.
  • Extruded fluoropolymer provides higher breakdown voltage because of lesser air voids in comparison to wrapped material.
  • Extruded fluoropolymers gives superior appearance and finishing.
  • Extruded fluoropolymer is having higher mechanical strength.
  • Wrapped material being sintered at 380 Deg C and at this temperature tin get blacken. Hence, tinned copper is not recommended with wrapped PTFE insulation. Extruded fluoropolymer can be used with tinned copper conductor also.

However, wrapped PTFE is still in existence because it is easily available at economic prices and with lesser quantity. And the major constraint with Extruded fluoropolymer is only feasible with round construction of conductor. But, we recommend our valued customers to go for extruded material to make their product with world class quality. Available insulations in extruded fluoro-polymers are:

Parameter FEP ETFE PFA
Full Chemical Name Flouro ethylene propylene Ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene Per fluoro alcoxy
Rated max temperature -60 to 200 deg C -60 to 150 deg C -200 to 250 deg C
Break down Voltage (BDV), kV/mm 40 40 40
Insulation resistance (MΩxkm) 35000-38000 35000-38000 35000-38000
Flame resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Tensile Strength, N/mm2 25 25 25
Elongation at break, % 350 350 350
Abrasion resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Water Absorption Excellent Excellent Excellent
Weather Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mineral Oil resistance Average Excellent Average
FEP insulated wires
ETFE insulated wires

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