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Thermocouple Compensating and Extension Grade Cable

GEEKORE offers Extension or Compensating grade thermocouple cables in wide temperature range for different temperature sensing applications. Our customers prefer us for our point to point customized design solution to meet their specific requirement. Application where thermocouple cables being used are;

  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power plants
  • Processing plants like steel, cement and glass
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Chemical Plants
Insulation and Rated Temperature
Insulation Process Temperature Range
PE/XLPE Extrusion -10 to +70 deg C
PVC Extrusion -10 to +70 deg C
HRPVC Extrusion -10 to +85 deg C
PTFE Wrapping -200 to +250 deg C
FEP Extrusion -50 to +200 deg C
PFA Extrusion -200 to +250 deg C
ETFE Extrusion -50 to +150 deg C
Glass fiber Braiding -50 to +400 deg C
Size Table
Available constructions

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